Learn to create a 3D scene in Adobe Photoshop from: Inspire Magazine by: Rafiq Elmansy

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The 3D features in Adobe Photoshop have come a long way in recent years. Improvements in Photoshop CS5 Extended give designers full control over 3D scenes, including the materials, lights, and even individual meshes. Using both the 3D and 2D tools together helps designers create professional 3D scenes and concept art. More…


45 High Quality Photoshop PSD Files from hongkiat.com

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I really hope once you study the file in photoshop, so many new thing you will learn… Click on the image for the link…


50 Best Illustration Blogs on the Web links from webdesigndegree

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Illustrators are finding inspiration and tips on how to improve their technique on the web. From cartoonists to those exploring digital art, illustrators can learn a lot from each other. Many illustrators are using blogs to show off their commercial work, while others have a niche following for their quirky drawings.


Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials


Few photoshop text effect tutorials gathered for you… please click on the image to go to the respective site for the tutorial… hope you enjoy learning them…

You may need google chrome or some other translate application to read this tutorial in your language.

Concept design using photoshop

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Quite old works… This series of concept design was done for a 3d Animation project…

TNT Post- amazing stamp- Tour de France 2010

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Just happen to see the stamps. Very contemporary design.

It was designed by Studio Bau Winkel, you can have a look of their site at


Creative Photoshop Brushes from: blendfu.com

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Amazing Creative Photoshop Brushes free download:

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