Photo Enhancement Photoshop Tutorial

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Stunning photo-enhancements can often be a daunting task for early Photoshop users. What many people don’t realize is that you doesn’t need incredibly brushing skills or excessive use of filters and expensive plug-ins to make a plain image look amazing. Professional results are possible with some simple, easy to follow steps and make for a good first step in more complicated techniques later on. If you are seeing Photoshop Tutorials for the first time here on our website please dont be surprised. More


21 Creative Examples of Reflective Photography by WDL

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If you look hard enough you can find creative inspiration almost anywhere, but one of my favorite places to draw inspiration from is photography. We’ve posted a number of photography showcases here on WDL, so I hope you find them as inspiring as I do. For this post, I’ve collected 21 amazing photos that focus on reflections. Reflections are normally overlooked and sometimes go unnoticed, but these talented photographers have made them the center of attention.


Amazing Micro Photos —– source: FunXone

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Top 10 Careers Damaged by Photographs credits:


Photographs can be one of the most cherished items we possess but they can also be things that we wish never existed. This list looks at the latter and the damage that some pictures have had on 10 notable careers.

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